Private Lessons & Consultations

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"Help! I'm stuck with my project, and I don't know what to do!!! "
Private Consultations

Stuck with your current project? Arrange a private session for a fitting consultation, to learn a new technique, or save your project and your sanity.

Personal fitting sessions either online or in-person are $50/hour

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"I want help making a really special garment!"
Couture Project Class

Want to sew a couture garment, from beginning to end?
In this class you will:
 - Be fitted into the pattern of your choice
- Learn to make and use a muslin
 - Learn couture construction techniques
- Learn to execute fine finishing details, which will make your garment unique.

Couture takes time, so we offer a combination of online and in-person consultations:
36 hours of consultation time $1200 (20% discount)

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