Private Sewing Classes and Private Fitting Classes

In-person private classes at the Fit Sew Beautiful studio.

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Private Consultations

In short private classes, you can learn what YOU need for YOUR sewing project:
- Learn to use your sewing machine
- Learn to hem and mend
- Learn a new sewing technique OR
- Have Elizabeth fit your muslin

From beginning students to advanced ones, Fit Sew Beautiful is the answer to your sewing questions.

Private sewing classes and private fitting classes are $70/hour.

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Couture Garment Sewing Classes

Sign up for a series of classes and you can sew the garment of your dreams from beginning to end!
-Learn to fit the pattern of your choice
- Learn to make and use a muslin
- Learn couture construction techniques
- Learn to execute the fine finishing details which will make your garment unique.

Purchase several hours at a time and receive the following discounts:
1 - 11 hours --- $70/ hr)
12 hours $756 (10% discount)
24 hours $1428 (15% discount)
36 hours $2016 (20% discount)

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I want to learn how to fit a pattern to myself!" Palmer/Pletsch Fitting Classes

Learn to solve bodice, sleeve, & skirt fitting problems; fit garments in fabric; map your unique figure; and apply the Palmer/Pletsch fitting technique to other patterns you want to sew.

Beginning Fit Class: Learn to fit and alter a darted bodice and skirt sloper/block. (Butterick B6849) OR fit a darted blouse (Butterick B6842)
Advanced Fit Class: Learn to fit and alter a princess seamed dress or jacket.

Each fitting class takes approximately 12 hours of consulting time $756 (10% discount)
24 hours of consulting time: $1428 (15% discount)

Pattern & Pattern Paper $19+tax

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What Our Students Say About Private Classes:

Sylvia P

Fitting is the cornerstone of dressmaking. If you are seeking a fitting expert, I highly recommend Elizabeth Vana Bryant, a talented Palmer/Pletsch tissue-fitting teacher. She ably walks you through each step of the Palmer/Pletsch pattern alteration techniques, including full bust adjustment, forward head, rounded back and shoulder adjustments. Jean construction is part of her wheelhouse too. Always eager to share sewing techniques and answer all questions, she is an invaluable asset to the sewing world.

Genevieve G

Elizabeth explained over the course of a couple of hours what took me months - actually, years - of trying to figure out. I have been lightly sewing for years and always struggled with the fit. After learning about tissue fitting from the Fit for Real People book, I realized that I'd been sewing the wrong size; but I was still struggling to tissue fit myself. It really did take a pro looking at the pattern to see what was going on. First of all, it's hard to see things on yourself and pin your back (it's just physically difficult). Second of all, I am new to the tissue fitting, and I just didn't know what to look for. I feel that I have a body map now that I can apply to hopefully any pattern, and Elizabeth also went through some of my patterns with me and showed me how I would work with their specific configuration. I wish I had made an appointment with her sooner.

Barbara K

I scheduled 6 hrs of class time with Elizabeth while visiting my son in LA. I am an experienced seamstress and have sewn for 50 years. I have never learned the art of fitting, so the class was a wealth of information for me. Especially as I have aged, the clothes that I have made have not fit as well as I would like. Elizabeth is very easy to work with. She does a great job of teaching, giving you the foundation you will need to fit your pattern . She shares abundant resources for reinforcing what she taught for fitting your body when you are working on your own. Very rewarding time spent and well worth the money spent.

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