Why Sew Clothes?

Meet Elizabeth

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Vana Bryant. I’m the owner of Fit. Sew. Beautiful!

I've taught sewists on three continents how to sew beautiful, comfortable, well-fitted clothing. Now, my  mission is to teach YOU how to sew clothes that celebrate YOUR unique figure, help you feel comfortable and celebrate YOUR inner beauty.

Your clothes reflect your PERSONAL STYLE. They also affect your SELF-IMAGE:

Have you ever rationalized a poorly fitting purchase by saying, “It’s okay if it doesn’t fit perfectly --- it’s on sale!”?

Have you ever justified a badly fitting garment by saying, “It will fit better after I lose weight"?

Did you stop sewing clothes for yourself because “Patterns just don’t fit anymore”?

Well, NO MORE!

You are BEAUTIFUL, the way you look TODAY. You deserve stylish, comfortable clothing that fits you and celebrates your individuality.

Whether you want to sew clothing for special occasion, professional, casual, or costume wardrobes, I can help you realize your dreams.

Thank you for stopping by!

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A blouse? A tee shirt?  A dress? Ta

Are you interested in pants fitting and pants sewing?

Fitting pants is more difficult than any other type of garment fitting. Learn 5 keys to perfectly fitting pants.

If you just aren't sure what you need...

Read about my all my classes here to see how I can help you solve your fitting and sewing issues.

If you just aren't sure what you need, that's okay, too!

If you just aren't sure what you need, click the button below to contact me; I'm happy to answer your questions and help guide you to the right classes for your particular sewing goals. Don't like using email? Call me at (805) 469-8897 and leave a message. I'll answer you as soon as possible.

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