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Tired of pre-recorded sewing tutorials that lack personalized guidance? Fit Sew Beautiful offers a superior learning experience with our live, interactive Zoom classes.

Here's why Fit Sew Beautiful is the perfect fit for your sewing journey:

Elevate Your Sewing Journey from Anywhere with
Live, Interactive Zoom Classes!

While pre-recorded sewing tutorials offer a basic introduction to techniques, they lack the personalized instruction that truly accelerates your learning. Fit Sew Beautiful's live, interactive Zoom classes provide a superior learning experience.

Here's what sets our Zoom classes apart:

Expert Coaching & Teaching:
Receive one-on-one guidance from Elizabeth, a sewing and fitting expert. Unlike pre-recorded videos, you'll get tailored feedback, problem-solving assistance, and instruction that caters to your specific skill level and project.

Real-Time Interaction:
Unlike large group Zooms offered by competitors, our private classes allow for in-depth interaction. Ask questions in real-time, clarify techniques, and receive immediate feedback for faster learning and fewer mistakes.

Flexible Scheduling: Learn from the comfort of your own home, on a schedule that works for you. No commuting required!

Global Learning Community:
Connect with fellow sewing enthusiasts from around the world and broaden your sewing horizons.

Ready to unlock your sewing potential? Enroll in Fit Sew Beautiful's Zoom classes today and experience the difference of personalized instruction!

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Online Group Classes

Fit Sew Beautiful offers live online group fitting classes through Eventbrite. (Click below to go to the Eventbrite website)

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What Our Students Say About Online Classes:

Cheryl C.


"I am thoroughly enjoying Fit Sew Beautiful classes. It was with some hesitation that I started online classes, as I imagined huge logistical difficulties in doing remote fittings, but your expertise and enthusiasm makes it easy, and the lessons have become my favourite part of the week. 😀"

Carol B.

Florida, USA

"I have been using Fit Sew Beautiful online via Zoom. Elizabeth is quite talented; I asked her to work with me to make fitted muslins that I can mix and match to make some day dresses. My body does not fit a pattern without a lot of alterations. It is the reason I quit sewing years ago. I am just thrilled to be learning to fit myself."